About Us


Founded in 2018, with a vision to supply World Class Biocompatible Skincare products in Beauty and Cosmetics industry. There are two sort of Companies one offers Synthetic chemical-based products and the other offers Natural ingredients. Both have pros and cons. Our Category is Hybrid One. We at Theoly, never take under consideration whether ingredients are synthetic or natural. Instead, we check Biocompatibility (no harmful or toxic to skin tissue) of the ingredients. Secondly, at our core philosophy, we eliminate 5 Skin Enemies (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Paraben, Silicon, Short Chain Alcohol, Artificial color, and fragrances). We believe these five skin enemies are the root cause of all skin problems. And lastly, we pay significant attention to the PH. Level Of products. Human Skin PH is ‘’between 4 to 7’’. Therefore the ideal PH. of any skincare product should be in between this range. At Theoly we keep our products PH between 4 to 7 which is beneficial for all skin types.

The 5 Skin Enemies
We believe the key to healthy and clear skin is eliminating these 5 ingredients which are the root cause of all skin problems. Once we completely delete these 5 Enemies the skin will return to its natural and balanced state and you will glow naturally.

Listen to your skin’s needs!

Everyone’s features a different skin types. So for each day, every season and each county the skin needs different skin care routine. So don’t just blindly follow, first understand what it needs according to the day and the weather.

Happiness = Healthy Skin