Our secret



We created Theoly Cosmeceuticals with the mission to develop India’s range from skincare. And bring truly-exceptional, performance based skincare to our market. We hadn’t yet come across a skincare brand that accepted all skin types especially the Indian skin which is completely different than the western skin. Our approach to our mission has been driven by our desire to a focus on healthy skin (every type of healthy skin), sustainable practices our gratitude towards our community.


Theoly Method Explained

Or what we like to call, “3 pillars of Theoly"

    Code of Conduct

    We strive for morality and believe that it does co-exist with our highest standard of living. At Theoly, we go by our strict code of conduct meant to guide us on the right track. Our code drives us and keeps us on track while aligning ourselves with our values. Our code of conduct include being dermatologically tested, cruelty free, vegan, biocompatibility and avoiding our 5 skin enemies. Read more.  


    Before delivering any product, we need to make sure they are 100% safe for you. We do not take chances with our safety; for our employees and for you. And for this purpose, we only use biocompatible ingredients. Biocompatibility is used for describing a property which states how compatible a material is with a living tissue. Along with this, we avoid the 5 skin enemies. These 5 ingredients are strictly eliminated from Theoly for all the good reasons. We believe that elimination of these skin enemies would lead to perfect, healthy skin. 

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    Are you tired of hearing about Hyaluronic acid but still have no idea what it means? Because same. All these terms, chemicals and ingredients don't mean anything if you don't know what it does or why is it in the face wash you’re using.

    We strive for a good customer-brand relation but would it really work if we weren’t completely transparent? We have taken an initiative to help you understand everything in your skincare. Our Glossary will help you understand these ingredients, why are they in your skincare and what is required by your skin.