Why Has Everyone Been Using Serums Lately?

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Here’s Why Everyone’s Been Using Different Serums Lately and Why You Might Need One, Too.

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 Do you see your Instagram bombarded by posts of people advertising different serums? Do you also see a sudden boost in the use of these serums? Like us, are you wondering why? We might be able to answer some of your questions. Globally, people have started buying and using different serums for their skin more often. Among these serums are anti-aging serums, blemish removing potions and skin smoothing elixirs. People have started realizing that adding nutrients and vitamins to your diet is not enough anymore. To tackle the grueling adversities of the harsh weather conditions and the pollution-ridden environment, we need to apply these added nutrients and minerals directly to our skin, which is why serums have become increasingly popular now. 

Different serums play different roles. Some of the most widely reported reasons for serum use are:

Dull Skin

Dull skin is a popular reason because of which people start applying serums. A lot of people complain about how their skin appears dull, and even though they consume healthy, well-balanced diets, nothing seems to help. In such cases, serums rich in jojoba oils, Shea butter, and almond extract have proven to be the most helpful.

Dark Spots

Another common skin related concern is dark spots and blemishes. Many consumers struggle with low self-esteem and confidence because of their skin related insecurities. Dark spots do not just make your skin appear blotchy but also darken your aura. Vitamin C rich elixirs are the best way to fight these stubborn spots. Vitamin C is very efficient in skin whitening. The vitamin C extracts in serums help reduce and brighten these spots while evening out the overall skin tone and complexion.

Fighting Off Signs of Aging

Perhaps, the most frequently asked question for any skin specialist and dermatologist is regarding aging signs, how to prevent these and if these can be reversed. The good news is, yes they can be reduced, prevented and reversed. Any serums high in vitamin C, licorice extract, and hyaluronic acid have proven to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging signs while boosting collagen production at the same time, thus making the skin look younger.

Dark Circles

Most serums have vitamin E in them, which helps in skin brightening and skin whitening. Vitamin E also helps with pigmentation. This is especially true for the pigmentation that occurs under the eyes, making them appear dark and bruised. Wheat germ oil, Licorice Extract and Hyaluronic acid have also shown visible improvements when applied on dark spots and dark circles.  


Some people also use serums for an extra boost in order to make their skin look more hydrated and rejuvenated. This can be accomplished by incorporating vitamin A and antioxidants in your skincare regime.

Now that we have listed all the important reasons for this sudden increase in the fame of serums, we are sure you are less confused now. We have also included the main ingredients that are needed to fight with these skin problems to make things easier for you just in case you might want to get a serum for yourself.

Personally, we suggest skin serums, too, because of how affordable and how easy to use they are. They also have quick results, and using them saves us from the pains of long, time consuming and bank-breaking cosmetic procedures.

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