Vitamin C in Your Diet Is Not Enough Anymore

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Just Having Vitamin C in Your Diet Is Not Enough!


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Vitamin C, otherwise known as ascorbic acid, was first discovered in 1912. Initially, it was primarily used to prevent scurvy but gradually, the list of its benefits starting expanding. Other than preventing scurvy, vitamin C doubles as an antioxidant and as a dietary supplement. Eventually, it started being used as a treatment for common colds and the flu, as a catalyst for tissue repair, as an enzyme production booster and as an immune system supplement.

Because of its countless benefits, vitamin C became very popular, especially with the sailors who started eating more citrus fruits and vegetables in order to avoid scurvy. And to this day, it continues to be the most sought after and consumed vitamin. However, vitamin C utilization is not just restricted to diet intake anymore. It can now be used externally as well in the forms of serums and creams.

In recent years, it has come to light that ascorbic acid also increases collagen production, thus proving very useful for the skin. It has also been established that being an antioxidant, vitamin C can neutralize and eliminate environmental pollutants and ultraviolet-induced damage that occurs due to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and other contaminants.To avail such beneficial qualities of ascorbic acids, the vitamin has been incorporated into a liquid form and is readily available in the market.

Vitamin C serums possess specialized advantages. These are one of the few natural skin care products that offer something for people of all kinds and skin types. Vitamin C serum does not only add the much sought after glow to your face but also brightens it at the same time. Regular application of this serum also ensures a significant and visible reduction in dark spots, uneven skin tones, dark circles, and eye bags.

This magical antioxidant rich elixir also helps fight off signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and skin sagging. Certain serums have other vital nutrients and minerals infused as well. For instance, the Theoly vitamin C serum has essential oils like jojoba oil, almond oil, shea butter, and wheat germ oil. All these added essential oils have specialized functions. They increase collagen production, thus rejuvenating the skin and clearing dark spots. Similarly, the licorice extract and tocopheryl acetate help reduce the UV radiation instigated skin damage and help in preventing further skin abrasion.

It is evident now that vitamin C in your diet is just not enough anymore. For quicker and effective results, it needs to be applied externally as well, in the form of serums. Fuel your body with a well-balanced and stimulate your skin with the vitamin-rich serums.

So if you have any stubborn dark spots that you want to get rid off or reverse those dreaded aging signs, vitamin C serum is your lifesaver, and we’d say, hang on to it and reap the benefits!

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