Tips to Revive Your Skin After Traveling

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Summertime is the perfect time to go for that much-needed vacay, right?

No matter what part of the country you pick for your vacation, a visit to a beach is a must. There is no place that can help you unwind the way the beach can. Basking in the sun, sipping fruity cocktails, taking a balmy walk by the shore, or simply reading your favorite book are some of the terrific ways to rejuvenate yourself at the beach.

Regardless of how refreshing vacations can be for your mind and soul, they often have a downside to them. It’s only when you come back home that you start to see side-effects of your vacation on your skin. These often come in the form of sunburn and dry skin. But there’s no need to worry. If you want your skin to look fresh after your vacation, then here are some amazing tips for post-vacation skin repair.

Use a Dry Brush

Dry brushing acts as a natural exfoliating tool that helps you get rid of toxins in your skin. The process of using this brush involves running a bristled brush firmly over your skin. This helps stimulate the body’s circulation, eliminating dead skin cells in the process. As a result, your skin becomes clearer and softer.

People with dry skin should also consider dry brushing as it increases moisture in their skin. They can also use serums that are designed to combat dryness. 

Take a Natural Detox Bath

Nothing is more soothing than a warm bath after a tiring flight or road trip. But what if a bath can relax you and cleanse your body at the same time? This way, you can garner two benefits from a simple bath!

All you have to do is fill a bathtub with warm water and mix in some Epsom salt and baking soda. You can also add an essential oil of your choice for a lovely scent.  Soak yourself in this bathwater mixture for at least 20 minutes.

This is probably the best way to detoxify your skin!

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated after your vacation is as crucial as it is on any other day. It is a widely-known fact that traveling makes people dehydrated.

Water deficiency in your body can make your skin dry and dull. Therefore, it is important to drink twice as many glasses of water as you consume daily. You can also use oils and serums that will help invigorate your skin.

Use Facial Masks

To get rid of impurities and unclog your pores, facial masks are the best option. A deep pore cleansing charcoal mask is a good pick in this regard.

You can also use cooling face masks of cucumber and aloe vera to treat sunburns.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep means healthy, fresh skin. Research also shows that getting at least 10 hours of sleep can help you with jet lag! So make sure to get enough sleep on the first night of coming back from your trip.

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